Screen flickering on Fossil Sport

I’ve noticed that the screen on my Fossil Sport is flickering whenever I have Facer active. This is on any watch face and even on the QR code screen, but there’s no flickering on any other app so it is definitely a Facer issue. I’ve also noticed that the battery is draining a bit faster on Facer lately; might these two things be related?

I have about the same problem with my Fossil Q Explorist Gen4 watch.
For me, the screen only flickers in the ‘screen always on’ mode, not if the screen is just on. It seems that in the ‘screen always on’ mode you should ask a light that is not too bright from the battery because that is too much to ask in that mode … Fossil itself thinks it is a hardware problem and advises me the watch to return.
Do more people suffer from this?
I think it has nothing to do with Facer, but which screen you choose in the ‘screen always on’ mode.
If it is quite dark, there is no problem.
Does your screen work well when the watch is on?

Hi Ping,
I just bought a Q Explorist Gen4 and I’ve got the same issue! Did you solve this?

Read you soon,

Hi Jerome,

Unfortunately it is not resolved. I exchanged the watch but the same problem occurred with the new one. I emailed a lot about it with Fossil but they were either quite stupid or pretending to be stupid and I stopped the discussion. I still think the battery can’t handle the bright light in the ‘always on’ mode. I notice that others who also design watches sometimes darken the screen in the ‘always on’ mode, that’s for good reason, also to save the battery. It is a pity that the screen flickers but it is no different …

Greetings Ping

Well, that’s bad news…
I read on a forum that this was indeed inherent to the management of the Oled screen energy saving at Fossil . And they’re certainly not going to admit it. Damn it!
Thanks for your answer anyway!

I am also facing this issue :disappointed: I recently bought fossil gen 5 smart watch and all the watch faces I bought from facer flicker only on the ‘always on display’. On the main watch screen there is no issue. Anybody knows the exact toot cause and is there a solution yet?

Are you noticing this problem primarily with faces that have a lot of grey tones? That’s pretty much the only time I notice it. But also it’s not just Facer faces for me.

I face it on almost all the faces I have used from this app. Especially the ones where more whites are there. I used few default faces that came with the watch and they didn’t have any such issues.

I have it too on my Fossil Gen 5. There has been more discussions about this. It is probably the oled displays fossil uses, and the frequency will probably be turned down to save power in always on.
You don’t notice it in the faces Fossil provides, because they use white outlines on black background. On Facer you find all kind of graphics, so it is more noticeable.