SD18 Dirt watch

It’s time for new tests, it’s time to experience our excursions together with the new “SD18” let yourself feel free to explore the world


Looks pretty cool miani67, nice work :+1:

Nice one. Are the hour and minute hands layered in the wrong order? Looks like the minute hand is in front of the hour hand.

This is how most clocks are. I think yours are layered the wrong way around :smiley:

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Ha, you’re right. I never noticed that before. Seems stupid to me to put the small thing behind the large thing.

You are not alone in that, apparently it’s a historical thing (expanding 1 hand clocks with an extra hand, etc).
But hey, on a smartwatch, anything is possible, so this could be your unique trademark :wink:

RichieBee watches... Watches that make sense!

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Yup, I’m taking that one! :smiley:

I’ve made a couple of Clocks in my earlier years, and the Hands have always been that way on Clocks too :mantelpiece_clock:

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I had to wander around the house to check yesterday when @ThaMattie said that. The fact that in 52 years on this planet, I’ve never noticed it, means that it’s probably not a very significant problem, but I think I’m going to stick with the way that makes sense to me, and offer to do alternatives for OCD’ers who need them to be true to life. :grinning: