Secon Hand assistance pls

Hi All,
I just downloaded a watch face that has 2 second hands. 1 is the standard 60 seconds to do a full rotation, but the other hand does a full rotation every 5 seconds. I would love to add this 5-second rotation to a watch face of my own, can anyone please help me with the command line string please?
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Similar to this:

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Set rotation (#DWFSS#*12) for this hand

multiply with factor as much as you want with (#DWFSS#*5). Change 5 to some other value.

Red hand: normal
Blue hand: *12
Green hand: *5

Choose what you like. :grinning:

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Thank you all so much - I really appreciate the help.

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Damn, I missed this, the Bombardier is one of mine. Replies are correct, thanks everyone!