Second hand moves in reverse

My face is uploaded and works fine on my watch. But when I try to edit it the second hand moves in revers, and does so in weird small jumps. What could be the cause of this? And how to fix it?

Here’s the link to my face: Birk Binnard - watch faces for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch, and more - Facer

Your face looks fine. Maybe what you’re seeing is just the second hand catching up to current time after you edit an element.

Nope - when I load the face into the online editor it shows the correct time. If I change the time using the bottom scroll knob the hour & minute hands behave OK, but the second hand jumps backwards.

Even more peculiar - when I push the play button the hands move OK - all of them do. It’s only when I use the scroll knob at the bottom that the second hand goes wacky.

oh i see what youre doing, i think that’s just how that part of the editor works. (You have your hands underneath of your text by the way.)

Yes, I intentionally put the text on top so it would be easier to read.

When I was making the face the editor did not work like that. I wonder if they just introduced a bug.

I think it’s a visual thing… when the second hand moves 45s ahead, it will look like 15s backwards to you.

Very strange - the editor window has been sitting idle for a while - now it is working OK.