Second Hand Rotation

Hi Russel @russellcresser
Sorry. I forgot to say that at 2 hours there is START/STOP and at 4 there is RESET. But i presume that you have seen in ispection mode. I choosed the position where, in real watches there are the small buttons.
No, it’s not a question of premium or not. Chrono function, unfortuntely, doesn’t speed up chrono.
I’m premium, you know, but i cannot speed up chrono. I looked everywhere, but it seems that here is no way to speed up chrono hands. Or…it’s me that has not found where we can speed up the matter.
About the small disallignement i played a bit with numerals and i succeeded in alligning the hand.
This is the original formula
(120-(((#DWFMS#)/7.5)*30)) with a bit misalignment
I corrected in this way
(120-(((#SWEM#)/3.7)*30)) now the hand is aligned during his run.
To try this i had to start chrono in normal speed and wait for its slow run. Fortunately i could work in another window.
Tomorrow i will see if someone can help me for the starting point and automatic stop.
Thank again for your support
Sorry, another forgetfulness. This is another peculiarities of Facer with chrono. To have it working in Creator, you must, before or after having activated the chrono, also activate the normal arrow for hours in the time machine.
Otherwise, premium or not, doesn’t work at all :blush: :blush:

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Hi Diavo . I am learning . Well done changing the maths . Very Difficult Trial and Error Real Time. I sent you a DM . Recruit some help with this . It is a Good Strong Topic.
Probably 3.75 which is half of 7.5 :: ))

HiRussel @russellcresser
I forgot to say that i tried the formula in a different dial.
Perhaps this was the reason that provoked the small disalignement.
I’m on the move to go to the gym. About 9.00, so we will stay in touch later or in the afternoon.
Let us see if some good fish jump in the net :wink:

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Yeah I think there was a small alignment problem. I could post the resources but I have to reduce them in size to fit here without being converted to JPG. But I am sure you can make your own. Please say if you want them.

Hi Russel @russellcresser
Here again. So, this morning doing a research in the Community with key words like Second Hand; Countdown; Stopwatch and so on i came across this watch face by chance

as you can see, the guy has realized what i would do in digital form. I would do almost the same, but in analog. This proves that it is possible to achieve.
I will do a try messaging PM the guy asking for his help, but i don’t know if i will have success.
I don’t remember seeing him collaborate in the community, anyway there’s no harm in trying.
After that i will do another public post asking for help

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Cool . That even simulates here. Of course it is not a 240 degree dial but he has the Increment /Decrement sorted. Worth a try. Not sure if CWF is a Partner. They are supposed to make a contribution here. I see he has a Hand ( pointer ) as well.
I like the Alarm.
Sorry. Good afternoon now.

Hi Russel @russellcresser
I searched his profile and he is a partner. I have PM him. We will see if he will reply

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CWF has just published a Face that has given me a clue to the one of the Mysteries. It looks like the Chrono second runs up to !00 not 60 . I do not know enough about it really. I hope you get some help from him . He is obviously the Master.