Second Hand Rotation

Good evening, I am in need of some help, I am trying to get a second hand to rotate from the 8 o’clock position to the 4 o’clock position within the 60 seconds then reset. I was able to find the rotation code that gets you from 9 to 3 ((#DWFSS# * 0.5) - 90) Anyone know how to get it to work between 8 and 4?


Welcome @geekm0nkey You are in the right place.
Not quite Understanding the Rest after the move… For how long?

So -90 is the start angle.
*0.5 is the division of the 60 secs.
A MINUS - at the beginning of the formula will reverse the hand ( image ) .

I will make a sample give me a minute.

So try (240-(#DWFSS# *0.3333))

Make sure you get no spaces if you copy and paste .

The maths is a bit crude but it works.

If you click on the name of the test you will go to Preview

You can click on the little Rocket there and go to the Inspection Page.

Thank you very much, you have it halfway correct. I need the second hand to start at 8 and move clockwise to 4. the example you have is moving 8 to 4 counter clockwise. That was my mistake not specifying the direction of travel.

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So sorry. Being a bit thick. My problem is I have to work on Creator. I cannot do the maths in my head. I will give it a go on my tablet. In bed now.

Try ((#DWFSS# *0.6666)-120)

: )

Worked perfectly. Thank you…

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Hey Cool . Difficult on a Tablet. : )

Hi @russellcresser

I saw the answer you gave on the second hand to @geekm0nkey . Since it seems that you have some experience in formulas i try asking your help for a minute hand that works this way .
So, i have a dial like this
Yes i know that it’s a very bad dial, but it is just to exemplify what i would do. :smiley:
Between 0 and 5 there are, starting from 0 1; 2; 3; 4 and from 5 to 10 there are 6; 7; 8; 9.These are minutes. Between numerals there is a shape, may be a triangle or a circle, representing half minutes.
Now, my hand should start his run at 0 going counterclockwise till 10 and there should stop his run. Of course i should have some reset button to reposition the hand at 0.
More, i would have the possibility to change the starting point at my will with increments/decrements of 1/2 minute, so 0; 1/2; 1 and so on.
May be you can built a formula ready to use for my pourpose? I hope yes :blush: :blush:
Have a nice day

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Hi again @russellcresser
I forgot. 0 and 10 match 4 and 8 hours on the watch dial

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Hey @diavo. Early here. I will have a look at it for you but I cannot help with the Button. The Chrono Function is for Premium users only. I do not Subscribe.
Loving you new Faces.

Thanks for your appreciation. If you can find a formula to have the hand starting at 0 and stopping at 10
for the moment it might be satisfactory.
Afterwards i could try to arrange the formula with chrono functions or ask for the help of somebody else.
Here are 9.08 am, but i’m awake from 07.00 am.
Since retirement i wake up early LOL

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Yeah. It’s a good time for Correspondence. I can not do Designing on my Tablet : )
I am wondering if you want a sweep hand or ticks between the 1/2 minutes.
There is no way I can help you with the Increment / Decrement of the start : )
I can not remember who helped you with the Zen Chrono Split.
It would be good to invoke them at some stage.

Hi @russellcresser
Ticking is ok, anyway also sweep is good. About start/stop i will try by myself, for sure with no luck !!
After that i will shout for someone help. :wink:
Yes i think that it’s hard on a tabled. I always work on my PC
It’s strange that an expert in formulas as you are has not subscribed the pro version of creator.
With VAR; Chrono and so on you have in front an entire universe of possibilities.
May be i did the pro subscription because, talking about real watches, i have always beloved Chrono Watches so now i can create my owns.
Of course i subscribed a monthly subscription, so if i get fed up i simply cease to pay the fee

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Yeah I actually Enjoy the restriction of No-Pro. My coding skills are quite limited I was a Late Starter. Like yourself in Retirement there are not enough spare funds for subscription . I am quite sur If I had all the benefits Premium has to offer I would never leave the house.

Hi @russellcresser
I completely agree, and i want divide with you one of my thoughts about Facer.
I find that this game not only allow to everyone of us to have his proper faces, but more and more allows to people like us, retired people to keep busy his brain. And this, i think, is a good matter
My best cheers

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Yeah . This Watch Stuff has taken over a bit from the other home projects . But they are all still there . good to have something to keep the Mind Active and a feeling of Achievement.
Having said that I am finding this project a bit taxing. I have something there but I have not the skills to start and stop the hand.
Have a little look anyway .

As background . A lot of my career was spent doing Special Effects for TV Advertising and Exhibition often involving some kind of Timing Control . I would ask you what your Career involved.

Hi @russellcresser
Before the project let’s talk about us. You are asking about my career. Well, my working life has had something strange. I have a degree in Italian language and literature, so my career path should have been teaching, but i decided that teaching was not my pair of shoes and decided to became a commercial agent for household appliances. I was selling Candy appliances, a company like whirlpool, but Italian, to shops; shopping malls and so on. So i was a commercial, and i did this for 36 years, until my retirement. I can say that i loved this job because each day was different, never equal to itself.
Talking to different people, confronting fierce competitors, going to different places was, for me, stimulating. and I ended my career at the age of 68 surviving the market, the supreme judge, to the last.
Nice to see that your work had to do with graphics, so you came here with some experience.
For my part i had never seen photoshop until i decided to make my own waych faces, and i can say that now i masterize it pretty well. Another skil learned thanks to Facer.
But that’s enough, I’ve higly talked about myself and let’s get to the project.
Oh, one more thing. I want apologize If my english is not so good but i’m not using Google translator i’m using what i have learned about english language,
So, about your TIMER TEST, i thank you very very much for the time you spent to help me.
Very good design to test what i had in mind. Thanks again.
Now i’m trying to arrange your formula to my needs. I think it’s a great starting point :smile: :smile:
Regarding this, if my attempts fail I would like to ask for your permission to be able to use, by crediting you, your project to ask other people about START/STOP function.
Your design is far better than the horrible thing i did in a hurry.
I think I’ve bored you enough, thanks again very very much.
Have a nice sunday.
Oh, if i remember well, you are from USA, correct?

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@diavo. Good Morning. Thanks for you Background. It helps me a lot to understand the Character of your interests. I was actually more a 3D and Electronics Person. My Retirement Present was a 3D Printer. So I actually have little graphic skills. I do most of my stuff in CAD and render it.
Your Engilsh is perfect. I will not attempt Italian nor use the Translator.

So to work. You will have to swap in the Chrono Minute Tags to the formulas I sent. When you get near it you will not have to dismiss the hand with Opacity I just did that for fun.
I do not expect Credit for what I have done so far. You are welcome to share any thing I have posted. The thing I most respect about this community is its Openness. Any one who could help you will know my work as they have helped me already. The will recognise the work as it is not that good. But it is good to have some kind of prototype to show others and ask if it can be improved. : )
BTW I am in Cornwall UK. So not so far behind you time wise. A couple of hours at the moment I think.

Hi Rus @russellcresser
I’m studying your formula, and may be i’m at a good point. I will let you know, and thx for your permission to use your project.
For the rest, i’m a man of multiple interests.\ Creations of WatchFaces it’s only the last in chronological order.
Here is another chapter of my biography. When i will publish it you can do without reading it because you already will know almost all LOL :
My first passion, from the age of 18 is MUSIC!! I have a very good hi-fy system with turntable. I’m a “vynilist” and only use good old LP’s and i own a collection of 1300 LP’s in perfect conditions. Not even the slightest scratch on their surface, and they range from Rock (Led Zeppelin - Doors - Grateful Dead …) to Jazz (Miles Davies & Chet Baker in primis) to Classic Music (Vivaldi - Bach- Beethoven - Mahler…)
My second one is technology and in particular computers. I started more or less at 20 beginning with Commodore 64. After Commodore i continued with PC, DOS os before, and then all Windows versions.
Last are Smart Watches.
I also thank you having said that my english is understandable. You have a luck…as to say that english has become a universal language, so…don’t struggle with italian It’s not worth it.
Another tought. It’s very nice to know who is behind an anonymous identity. Normally there is someone behind a name, but you only know about him that it is a name that helps you.
Very last, i apologize having confused your Country. Will happen no more

Hi Russel @russellcresser
Here again. I did some try with your formula, and i think that maybe I’m halfway .
Mostly my reedited formula it seems to work. I still have 2 problems.
The first, i presume of minor severity, is that when the hand reaches 1.30 minutes is not well aligned with the center of 1.30 dot
The second is that now i must find the way to have:
An automatic stop when the hand reaches 10. Even if i don’t click START/STOP
The way t have the starting point in decrement of 1/2 minute selectable
Done this done everything
So,since you agree. i will use your design with my formula to ask for help.
Your formula
Reedited formula
I attach a link to my face. I know that has premium characteristic, but i think that being draft you can inspect it.
Let me know about. If you have success inspecting my face. later i will publish it, as a reference for someone else, crediting your major contribute

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Hi @diavo
I managed to have a look on Inspection but can not start and stop the chrono .
On the Preview I can start and stop the Chrono but the Time Machine will not speed up the hands so I can not run through stuff. I presume it is different if you have Premium . I think you would be better off here Invoking designers that might help you . I will DM you with some Ideas.
I know how to lock the hand and other stuff but without Chrono it is very Difficult . I hope some others may join in soon .
I have been running the timer for a few minutes, it is out by about half .I will have to concentrate and try sort it.