Second one for the day thoughts?

Here is an updated Salty Sailor, I am wondering if I should switch out the salty sailor text and change it to Salt Life or make both I want to wear the one that says Salty Sailor tell me what you think .



I would leave it as Salty Sailor personally. I know a few former USN sailors and they all tend to be rather salty at times. :laughing: Personally the only thing I don’t care for in this face is the way the time jumps around. You can set each number by itself in a spot and they will all stay in the same place. Here’s a link to one of my faces that I’ve done that with and you can see the difference. And of course the inspection is turned on so if you like how that looks you can go in and steal (cough, I mean borrow) all the coding to make it work. MAG 1537

Awesome thanks for the advice I will look at yours. I am a 26 yr retiree of the US Coast Guard which is why I go by Salty Sailor :joy:


The school that I retired from had an IT guy that served on the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower CVN 69.

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I served on the USCG Cushing, Bear, wrangle and several land units was a hell of a ride

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I took a look at your face, however it would not let me see the coding for the digits for some reason. It would not even let me select anything on the face. Any idea as to why?

Along the left side you will see this.


To be able to open one of those you first have to click the little blue lock icon to unlock it.


When it’s unlocked the little lock icon will be greyed out. After it’s unlocked you can click that slide and it will allow you to see how it works. You will probably have to click the rocket ship at the bottom once a slide is selected to show the window on the right side with all the information in it.

If that don’t work, I don’t know what to tell you.

Ah OK cool I didn’t think I could unlock those :joy::joy: still in noob phase I guess. I did however make some adjustments to the time and got most of the bounce (if not all) out of it and published it a bit ago. I will definitely look at yours and see the difference between them. I got the bug for this now :beetle::grin:


It becomes additive really fast. In two years and four months I have published 1,518 watch faces. I have 43 more ready to publish with a few minor tweaks. And I am in the planning works for at least two or three more. I do my faces when the mood strikes and will do several ahead and then take a break. Some of the joys of being retired I guess. :grin:

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That’s a crazy amount but I can see how it could happen. I have 3 now published and working on 4 more not to bad considering I’m still working a full time job lol. I’m sure once I hit actual retirement age I will need something like this :grin:


Hello, I would have two very minor suggestions
When time with second is in one field, it is good to pick font, that has fixed width of digits (monospaced/monotype). If you can not find alternative to one you like, then is good to align the text field to side, which does not change every second (seconds to left, hours to right).
And maybe add second colon again :slight_smile:

Hi, thanks for the advice, I was wondering if it might need a second colon, I did add one I didn’t think it looked right, however it could be the alignment that was doing it I will look into this.

Thanks again :grin:

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