Second using an image

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I am trying to design a Jeep-themed watchface and I have a PNG of a jeep that I want to have “drive” around the perimeter as a second hand. How do I get it to “drive” clockwise, making a full rotation every minute, and have the wheels of the jeep keep pointing outwards (e.g. The PNG would need to rotate around the face AND spin to keep the tires of the jeep facing outwards)?

Would this sort of thing require PRO?

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Hello, no, you would not need to use PRO features.
There can be 2 ways used.
Either make image of car orbit around the watch screen using formulas with trigonometric functions and rotate using simple tag for seconds,
or simply make the image taller (I used MS powerpoint for this example), with transparent background so the second hand element can be used and image swapped. something like this:


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Thanks. I feel stoopid!


no need to be, this is the place to ask and learn…


Trust me, a LOT of us felt that way in the beginning. We aren’t really stupid, just ignorant* of how to do things.

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@shortstack482 Welcome .There is no stupid when you Start . I sent a request to Little Labs to ask how to get a second hand that ticked . #DWFSS# remove an S #DWFHS# . You will be delighted when you start to remember some of this stuff.