Seconds in a rounded square

Good Morning all,
How do I get a point to move every second in a rounded square (white).
I can get a circular course (it’s not difficult either)
I would be thankfull for your help…

@russellcresser has done this before using several dots.
Check it out here.
Watch face is inspectable…

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Oh, what a pity, someone had almost the same idea of a dial…

But thank you @tom.vannes

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There are no New Ideas under the Sun. We all ride on the Shoulders of Giants. The one above was from a Request on FB to reproduce the clock Face on a Nokia Twisty. I think it was.
I am quite certain if you get one of the Geniuses involved they could write a formula for one dot. That is quite beyond me.
Please do not let the fact that someone else has had a go at something different stop you from putting your stamp on it.
This is the other way to do it.
Thanks for the Shout @tom.vannes