Seconds Running in Dim Mode

Apologies if this has been asked and answered already. I searched without any luck.

Is it possible for a digital or analog second counter to continue running while the face is in Dim mode?
If so, do you know if this would be a significant increase on battery drain?


No, this is driven by Android when the watch goes into Dim mode:

Thanks for the quick response and the link. Very helpful.

I have some faces designed with Tizen Studio that enable an active second hand in dim mode. Maybe the @Facer_Official gurus can find a way to leverage the method for Gear watches. I’ve never seen anything to equal it on my Wear OS devices.

Can you point us to some watch faces built with the Gear Watch Designer that have a moving second hand in dim mode? We can look into it.

Not GWD. I thought I had a couple of faces from Tizen Studio. I’m wondering if I’m mistaken. All the faces that I have with active dim mode second hands are all the stock Samsung faces that are built-in. Perhaps Samsung has some tricks up their sleeves that we don’t have access to.

I’m checking my Tizen Studio files again just to be sure.

Thanks! As far as we know, only Samsung-made faces can stay “active” in dim mode, but if you find any counter-example, let us know and we’ll look into it!

Sounds good.
I’m thinking that it’s probably best to avoid the persistent seconds due to battery drain.
I’ve tested with Tizen Studio 2.4 and it’s pretty hard on the battery.

The watch code using encore_animator_add with callbacks seems to be what’s needed.

I love the Facer Creator application for it’s power, simplicity and multi-platform compatibility. It looks a little daunting at first, but I should work on my Premier Designer status. No point in spending time in Tizen Studio for one feature only to be limited to one device OS.

Hi guys I know this is an old thread but the Snapdragon 3100 is supposed to have the ability to run a separate processor for AOD, allowing seconds to display even in dim mode. I have downloaded a watchface called ‘3100 Essential’ here which utilises the code to make this happen. The watch face works fine… it’s just not my style and since using Facer and being able to tweak things I can’t go back! It seems that there’s extra functions (decompositions?) in the code for the separate processor - is there any possibility these could be incorporated into Facer Creator? The guy who seems across most of it is Joel Page in his article here: - see what you guys think. Cheers, John G :slight_smile:

Hi @john2

The guys from Facer probably don’t read every post on the forums. You can tag @Facer_Official to try and catch their attention, or even better, send in a ticket to

Appreciate the pointers ThaMattie - I have lodged a ticket. Cheers John G :slight_smile:

I have default watch faces on my Tag WearOS watch, which in AOD (dim) mode have smooth second hand movement, so this is indeed poss as either Google and/or Tag do not think its a significant enough battery drain to enable it.

Perhaps they just delib lock out a 3rd party doing it?