Seeing double on a watchface

Hi, I am really sorry to bother ya’ll - I found an apple watchface I love, but for some weird reason it is keeping a time and date on it and then adding another one on top of it. There is no way to delete one of the time/date stamps so I can’t use this particular watchface and it makes me a sad panda.

I just don’t know where else to go. Seems difficult to find support and I didn’t know who else to bother.

(Rod - iWzn v86 - Only 🍏 iWatches - watch face for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch, and more - Facer)

I would appreciate any input at all. If it is something I am doing wrong or something dippy that I forgot to do, please let me know! Thanks for any help!


Welcome to the Community Jo, and I’m sorry you’re having that problem. Does it happen with any other Faces or just that one? If you have that picture I could recreate it for you.

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Yeah Welcome @alwaysbusy4family . It would be great If you could post a wrist shot of what you are seeing . I sounds to me like the Maker Cloned a picture from their watch . It is no bother to try help some one . We are crying out here for feedback on Apple Faces . You could end up being the most Popular Person on the Community. Please tell us which Model of Watch you Have . :grinning:

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I have an apple 7 watch - I can show a screenshot - but I am not sure how to share this watchface here.

The time on the top came with the face, the one on the bottom is the one that keeps time. Sigh.

Double time

It is a watchface by Rod

By the way, thanks for being so kind! Ya’ll impress me with your talent in creating these faces. I was reading through a few of the posts, and when I saw that there was math involved, and then layers and then dexterity (which I have lost over the years) well, I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate all your hard work and creativity! How you come up with the ideas and all… it is impressive.

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So well done showing the pic. I suppose you Posted a comment direct to Rod on the Preview for the watch . You may have seen He has Published a Great number of faces . Apple and WearOS/Tizen. I suspect it is not his work that is causing the problem . I suspect a setting on your watch . I would like to make you a test . I will publish it so you can sync it if that is something you would like to do .
I will let you know here when the test is ready .
BTW you can upload a picture from you device here by tapping on the bar above with the little arrow pointing up .

To Continue

I have Published a Reproduction of the watch you liked .
The image belongs to an artist called Paul Corfield and it is called Costal Path .
I am in breach of his Copyright so it might be taken down .
I suspect Rod is as well , but he might have the rights to use the image .
As I do not sell my Faces I am covered by offering this image up for Educational Purposes. I normally only use Images I have Made Myself.
Pleas try this one and Let us know the results .
As we get on we can make you a face with a number of pictures as a slide show . You could post the images here and one of us can put them on a watch for you .I do suspect you can do it yourself but doing it here is more fun for us .

I know it is something I am doing wrong. When I hit the blue button “Send Link To Phone” nothing happens. It does come back with “Link Sent to Phone” but nothing happens on my end. :frowning:
I have done a workaround by favoriting and grabbing that way.

So I know there is something wonky because obviously I am missing a setting or I missed something.
(I work on computers and networking as a hobby, this watch stuff is totally new to me.)

Which makes me do the usual things - restart phone, restart watch, I actually reset watch (it is fairly new so everything was backed up), and am still going through the settings.

I feel extra dopey cause when I have new equipment it usually works well. Right now it is giving me fits that only my shiba does. :roll_eyes:

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hello, by the image of what is your watch displaying (the dates are even in different languages) I suspect, that the face was simply made by adding screenshot form a watch, pasted as a photo background. Very cheap. Or could the face be really this messed by the watch it self? What about removing it from the watch and downloading again. Would it still display the same static time?

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@petruuccios I did not see the language was Different. I thought it had been Cloned from a Watch. So I have made a new one on Facer. And a slidesow version. But it seems @alwaysbusy4family is still having problems. I am not understanding the problem.

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Please sync the Test Face I made for you the same way as you did the one under Question. If the link does not work. Hunt me down on the Website. RUSTY-CRESS . When you have a chance let us know how you get on.

You should not need to Reset anything. A reboot ( restart ) is a good Idea if things are sticky.

It is really odd. It looks fine on the website. I saw it in English. It wasn’t until it was on my watch that the language switched. Which was weird.


Ok, this is really weird.
I went to Rusty-Cress and found the watch faces … from there I was able to add them absolutely no issues whatsoever.
But from anywhere else? nada.
Go figure.
But the really weird part? The face from #02 and #04 were different pictures when downloaded on the watchface. Number #02 has 6 pictures (when I look into it) and #04 has one.
Did not expect that.

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Yeah I am so sorry It is a Pet Beef of mine about People who plonk a Picture on a Face and publish it . So at least we should have a little slide show .
So @alwaysbusy4family can you please tell me how often the Picture changes . I think it is 6 seconds .
I can not tell you what a privilege it is to have a User give Feedback . To use a word you use we get NADA .
It is quite possible you could do it yourself but as a test for us here on the community.
If you would like to send me some pictures or tell me what sort of Images you would like to have on your watch . I would love to work with you to see what we can squeeze onto a Face . I think I have read somewhere that it can be 24 . But the resolution might be up for grabs .
I thank you so much . As a Publisher of Free Faces you can imagine that any Feedback is the Life’s Blood of the Craft.

Where did you get that picture from @russellcresser ?

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Sure, as far as how fast the slideshow changes - every time I lower my wrist and raise it again. With a beat of about 1 and 2. It changes pretty quick.
As far as watch faces… I have found I have a limit of 50 on my watch… ooops. Will be happy to delete a few so I can test. Sounds like fun. Hopefully I can give you decent feedback.

Ok… as far as testing the amount of pictures for a single watchface - limit is 24.
At least on my apple 7.

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My Friend @icrltd4 . I actually used Google Images on it . I copied and pasted a pic of the watch . Google then found the artist . Never used it before.

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I must Call you Jo if I may . I have been using your profile name to be Clear but it is a bit official . Interesting you have taken your watch to its limits already . I am only interested in posting one . Since you have seen my Apple Designs I am only really interested in doing original stuff . Or as Original as I can be . But I would like to make a proper slide show Face . I would expect somewhere on your watch that there is a setting for the speed the pictures change . I think every one or two seconds is a bit ridiculous . Of course only if you are Interested . Please let me know what kind of imagery you are interested in . I will happily make you a family Album but naturally that would not be Private. :grinning: :+1:

Thanks Rusty mate :beers:
@alwaysbusy4family Here’s my exact same Face created purely to see if you can sync it without any problems. It’s quite simply just the Face with a Photo and the Day, Date, and Time already pre-defined by Apple -

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I tried to grab that one, no luck.
So I went to your page (Gizmo411) and tried to sync a few others. No luck there either. I am not sure why.

I tried favoriting Playful Grogu for Apple - and then tried to sync… nothing.

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Sorry, I wasn’t clear before.
As far as how fast/slow faces would change on the watch. They change pretty much every time you lift your wrist. If you have it up, it does not change at all.
So the slideshow is basically changing when you lift your wrist to look at it, but it doesn’t change when you are doing an app or otherwise looking at your watchface.


Hi Jo. Cool. The impression we get is that it is on a timer. With other wake on Gesture Stuff we simulate it on the Preview by tapping on the dim Icon. I will give that a go. Thanks again for sticking with this. I can assure you it will be appreciated by many. You may see Your Topic has had 80 views already. Admitadly a lot of them are us but others will see this and the Title of the Topic is usefull in a search.

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