Seeking a bit of help

This isn’t my face, but how do people get the numbers tall like this?

You need to find a font that looks like that…
I can spend hours searching for a font I like.



I am doing a search on font sites for fonts like this but not having any luck. Are there particular font types I need to search for?

And I’m getting this from the 1st site you gave:

The server is currently unable to handle your request.

Please try again later.

Try again, it worked just fine for me when I just tapped on it here on my phone -

It’s working thanks. But not finding what I’m looking for :thinking:

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Here’s a tall font:

or search for “tall”

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Search for “Tall Narrow Thin Fonts Download” in google. Below is a link to a search result.
Enter digits 0 to 9 in the Your text here box so you get a preview of the font as shown in pic.

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Failing that,you could create your own font.
See this page for more on that.

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I got it, thanks for the help, I appreciate it. :+1:

And how does this look?


Its definitely tall and narrow! Looks great.


Looks pretty good to me, although the Font on the left looks quite small :thinking:
What was the name of the Font you ended up using for the tall numbers please?

It’s called Mostane Font

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