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One of the issues I’ve run into while trying to make GMT/Worldtime watches is that I can only set the timezone either to local time or UTC. The problem with that is that involves DST. For example, if I set a GMT hand to “London Time” it will be an hour behind in the summer when London is on BST, but the hand is on UTC (London goes to UTC+1 during Daylight Savings Time).

Having the ability to select a timezone would be helpful to resolving this.

What is your preferred method?

See: Feature request: time/date engine (aka 'black box')

hey @kamensektimepieces,
I ended up just giving the user a tap button to turn on DST.

Tap the logo to switch to the World Time face. See the images for instructions. Inspection mode is on. VAR_2 and VAR_3 are the timezones and the DST switch


Well the whole point is I don’t want them toggling anything. Mechanical watches don’t require me to toggle the dial back and forth (*I know, you still have to set it, but that’s different).

I want the watch to automatically be set to London time. The Samsung GWD already does this quite well - you just select the city for the time zone you want a hand to display, and it automatically adjusts for summer time/DST.

The way the Samsung Gear Watch Designer does things: It lets you actually select a timezone for a watch hand (so you can have multiple hour hands each set to different timezones, each with different rotational speeds, etc.).

For all their failings (like not allowing weather and fitness data simultaneously - you have to pick. EITHER weather OR fitness)… There are still a lot of nice features in GWD.

Are you guys are asking for something like this?

This is a matter of ruleset I suppose. There is no “black box” time converter as @andrew.dowden proposed previously. We can develop all of the rules for standard time, DST, zones that don’t observe, times on the half-hour (e.g., India, Nepal, Newfoundland), but there are not enough variable and conditional components in Facer tags to get the job done for a full conversion of all zones and special cases. At least no one’s built this yet that I’ve seen.


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Thanks for your assistance but we do have other problems with the timezones. We want to combine them with a user rotated bezel. One of the problems is to make it automatic. DST is changing on different dates every year.


@jmorga106, @GAUSS, et al (that Latin BTW)

I am very familiar with the ‘rule set’ data, time/date/calendar software code (‘black box’ engine), and Internet standards for calendar data (iCal, RFC 5545/5546. etc.), and even assisted in their ‘improvement’ back in 2009-10 (they went backwards). If we do find a way forward, I can assist greatly.

My issue for Facer (Creator) is how we can ‘add to the platform’, due to limitations around syntax, logic expressions, and user-defined variables, etc.

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Hello, was wondering if this was ever figured out? I don’t have access to allow the user to do anything. I have two thoughts bumping around: I set an image with the 24 standard timezones, NY is 0:00. It rotates as a #DWFH#. The indicator (triangle) follows midnight at each timezone. Is there a way it could point to the user’s timezone (I understand all the DST that each country does or does not follow).
watch ex: KNightYM
Thought 2: KNightO-Beta
((360/24)*#DUH#) Rotation on the timezones based off London=0:00. I have a dot that basically follows London and a triangle that follows users timezone. Since I don’t have access for users interaction, trying to figure out what the math is for the rotation to follow the users
Honestly just trying to make an easy timezone watch that can track the user’s timezone (watchhand) at the bezel and the other “hand” can track 0:00 for London (isn’t that the zero point for all timezones?)


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I’m working on a solution.

I can do UTC, and different timezones … but still can’t quite get the daylight/standard-time logic to work correctly. I have daylight start/end-date logic working, but not stable over transition day …

UTC hands, with AM/PM:

Timezone, with: UTC offset, daylight, and AM/PM (work in progress)

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I like the watch faces.
I am trying to learn the basics to time zones. I wish there was a way to display the timezone name #Dz# for other TZ, every time I do it it always shows my TZ. Do you know the math?
#DHZ#:#DmZ# #Dz# it will show my EST
#DUKZ#:#DmZ# #Dz# it will show my EST
Thanks for the help
I won’t get into the DST and sub time timezones, good luck with that one.

I think what kamensektimepieces suggests is very useful
I think it would be a practical addition.
Although it is something that can be solved with VAR, what is proposed would simplify the process or the number of layers