Selectable Dual Time Zone Display?

Hi everyone
Glad to be part of the Facer community…Own a S20 Ultra with new Samsung Galaxy watch which I love…but…I regularly travel to Thailand for business( and other stuff!!) and all Im looking for is a watchface that shows me the time in Bangkok and London at the same time.
Ive seen several offering UTC,but cant find any offering selectable named time zones.
Does a face even exist that displays 2 particular named zones.?
So,all Im looking for is a digital face that shows me Bangkok time and London time…
Thanks for any advice anyone is able to offer…

As you mentioned, there are a number of faces that let you select the timezone for secondary dial or display but these are based on UTC+/- 1hr or 1/2hr on some. I have not seen any where you can select by name. There are couple of problems the designer would have to overcome to do that - firstly, there is no list of official time zone names, some unofficial I guess like “London time” or “New York time”, but no official list that one can use and everyone would know. The second is dealing with daylight savings around the world - it is different for every country and even in different parts of some countries and can change as governments decide to move it about. So, basically, there are watch faces where you can display multiple time zones, some with bezels or other graphics displaying some city names but, as far as I know, none that you can select by city name.

Thanks Mike for such a comprehensive answer and taking time to reply.
I was afraid that it might be something like that.
I had a old Huawei Watch 2 ( Android wear) where there was a face that showed me Bangkok and London time on the display at the same time( could even choose the city) but I guess I’ll just have to add 7 hours onto everything while in UK…!!!.. thanks again…really helpful…

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It might be worth it to make your own watch. A text field of (#DUh#+7):#DmZ# will give you Thailand time. You can even make an analog with an extra hour hand, maybe a special color, with the rotation ((#DUh#*30)-150) and it’ll produce the same effect.


Thanks PandaKrusher
Sadly,my tech skills are limited to pressing start/stop on the microwave.I thought a laptop was something you wear around the top of your legs to keep them warm.!!
Amazing,that there is probably more computing power in my watch,than it took to send men to the moon,but a display showing time in Bangkok and London is out of reach.
Thanks for trying to help…appreciate it.

Maybe some watch faces from the existing ones will be suitable, if not, I think it is not difficult to make it with only two zones in mind. Maybe someone will do it :slight_smile:

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This has been bothering me so I made you a watch with a special Thailand hand.

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It’s a very nice looking face, but… Jakarta is Indonesia not Thailand. Normally I wouldn’t care enough about a random face to comment, but I spent a few years of my childhood living in Jakarta so it’s still an important enough place to me go on the defense for it.:slight_smile:
Same time zone as Bangkok though so usefulness is not lost at least. Also the Thai script, if that’s what it is above the digital time, is not the language used in Indonesia.

I know Jakarta is not in Thailand! Jakarta is the marker city of UTC+7; Western Indonesia Time, Indochina Time and Thailand Standard Time are all the same zone. It’s the same reason I have to suffer selecting “Los Angeles Time” even though I’m nowhere near those jerks.

The Thai script (and Thai flag) are there because this watch was made just for this one guy, who’s probably long gone by now. Anyway the name isn’t really important and I’ll change it to avoid confusion.

I probably should have stayed out of it :slight_smile: I thought you were making it for someone in Jakarta so wasn’t sure what was up with all the Thai references. Anyway, nice of you to help him out, hopefully he remembers to thank you.

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I changed it anyway. It’s probably better to be technically incorrect than to be confusing!

Does not work on my galaxy 4 classic watch. It shows correct numbers until it passes 12.00 pm night time then it goes to 13.00, 14.00, so how can one make it go from 12.00 pm to 01.00?
Thank you very much for your time.

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You might need to look at the 12/24 hrs setting on your watch . We need to know a few things . Show us the Face you are talking about . Did you make it ?

This has a few Answers in it .