Seller Status Streamer

I am experiencing some issues with some of the faces I created as free are being tagged as premium after I publish them. I am making the effort to not access pro features during design of these faces, but I must be overlooking something that I am not understanding to be a pro feature. This could be easily resolved for all developers by adding in what I call a Seller Status Streamer.

This streamer can function to serve as a clear delineation between free and premium so as to eliminate confusion. Facer could add a streamer in the developer and publisher screens advising the “status” of the design as free or premium. If nothing else, a popup disclaimer saying, “This product requires a premium account to use, are you sure you want to proceed?” It can also specify which elements may be driving it to be premium, thus allowing the developer to remove those items if he or she wishes the product to be free.

It’s because you enabled themes on the watchface.

Specifically the bottom layer (dial - geminus3blnd)

You’ll see the paintbrush beside the layer is on… you may have accidentally clicked it. Either way, if that’s on, it makes the watchface premium.

If it was a mistake you should be able to toggle it off and send an email to support to get them to make it free again.


Okay, while that makes sense, an accidental clicking on and off of a “pro” feature should not be an issue. The pricing should be set when the PUBLISH button is pressed. As I stated above, it will be helpful to have some indicator that premium features are set, asking if the designer wants to continue with them enabled.

The other option is to highlight pro features in the control panel in some way so as to provide a delineation between free and premium.