Semi digital watchface

For a while I’ve been searching for a particular design.
As everyone gets used to a digital time from their phone I wanted to blend a digital time in an analog watchface. This is the description:
I want an analog watchface of wich the numbers change from 00-12 to 13-00 when it gets noon or midnight. Also I want a digital minute number to move with the big clockhand.

I also want the date, weather and battery percentage to have an analog round look. Maybe one that both shows the battery percentage of the smartwatch aswell as from my smartphone where it’s connected to.
I don’t mind if the date is with a rectangular box on the right side of the watch as long as I get the day of the week, the day of the month, month and year while still looking like an authentic “dumb” watch.

I was thinking about a fully white design so that the active and dim/always-on mode are completely the same.
If it’s possible to have the dim mode in different coulors. Feel free to post that design als long as it still looks authentic at first sight.

Does anyone know a watchface with this description?
Thanks in advanced