"Send to watch" from the creator doesnt work

I created my own face, and did NOT publish it, because i want to see what it looks like on the watch first. So i hit “send to watch” and it does nothing? Im using the browser version of the creator.

Also, is there any way to turn off snap? ctrl or shift like in many other programs?

Hi! What watch and phone do you have?

I have a galaxy s8 plus, and a Gear s3 frontier. I should of clarified, but this issue was on my browser on my PC. i was able to get it to sync by using the app on my phone, i just couldnt do it with the browser.

Got it. Can you make sure that:

  1. You’re logged in on the mobile app with the same account you are on the web
  2. That you have not disabled notifications for Facer on your app


I am in the same account. I created the face on my PC, and they show up in the app on my phone. I have not disabled any notifications in my app.