'send to watch' no longer working

Not sure what happened, but previously I was able to view watch faces on my desktop, then send to my watch directly from there.

I can no longer do this. it says ‘sent’ but never shows up. I’ve rebooted my cell and my watch but no dice.

Now I have to fav the face, or otherwise note it, then browse to it from my phone. THEN i can send it.

ANyone else have this problem?

It never worked for me at all (But i’m using this for just 4 weeks or so)

Sending to watch only make it show that face on your profile, I have to use the app on my phone to get it on my watch.

FYI i found my problem. Somehow I had turned off ‘push’

Now it’s working again.

On my Tizen watches it did never work… and still not work I have to use the app to get it done…
It’s not a big deal but silly same as that the app can’t be installed on my tablet (better browsing) .

together with the stupid huge memory leak in the html designer (really a stand alone app???) it’s a little like one day we gonne finish it but liet’s make the investors happy…

@UserUnknow odd to that Send to Watch doesn’t work for you. Can you confirm that:

  • You are logged into the phone app with the same account you are on the Facer Creator (if you are an iPhone user, that feature is coming soon)
  • You are able to receive notifications on your watch

Regarding the memory leak you are reporting, can you start a new topic and share more info on that? The symptoms you are seeing and any steps that may lead to that behavior would be helpful. Thanks!

Every thing works fine it even shows on profile that I did hit the blue button… On my phone nothing happens and yes I just received a mail on my watch that you did asked me this :stuck_out_tongue:

For me no problem at all, I only use my own faces and the app works fine for me. Well with one annoying thing… I did pay for the app but every time I tab 3 times it want to install Samsung billing… really annoying as long as I did pay for the app and really not gone pay twice for having a Tizen watch…

I don’t have a real problem with those things but they are making the whole thing look like it’s a beta thing…

But to be honest focus on fakes, remove them and then start fixing things… that will make the world a lot better for the real good designers that are here around… (not me, i’m lazy and never wanne be premium :stuck_out_tongue: )