Sequence limitations

Hello everybody,
I’ve started to create a new face and I added 13 sequences with around 25 images on each. After the first 10, maybe 11 sequences I could upload the face to my watch, but when 13 were ready I’ve started to get “Watch face error. Try again later”

Looking in the developer console I saw that I got “413 Payload Too Large” response from the server.
So, I guess that the “size” of the face is too large. Is there any list with the limitations of the face?

Wow those are alot of sequences…13X25=325 images that are uploaded on your watch. Keep in mind that they are always there, nomatter that they are visible in certain conditions. I’m sure even if you manage to upload the watch face it will take alot of time in first plase and will be very buggy and choppy on whatever watch it is on. I’m sure there are size limitation but developers can be more specific. Cheers and good luck :slight_smile:

I deleted some images and it uploaded, so yes, I guess there are some limitations. On the other hand, on Gear Frontier, the face works quite decent.

Theres no explicit limitations in number of sequences or total images. But yes, the weight of the face is a limitation for some systems. It depends of the watch, the available ram, other apps in the watch, etc.
Always is healthy keep your images small and light, you can compress them before make the sequences.
Good luck!