Sequences of sequences

Hi everyone!
I am trying to create a face using sequences where the first sequence plays ‘on wake’ and the second plays 1 second after wake, the 3rd plays 3 seconds after wake etc. is there a way to do that? I thought changing the offset setting would do the trick but that doesn’t seem to do anything?

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No . As you have discovered the offset does nothing .

You need to Modulo DWE .



So this make DWE into 0 , 1 or 2

As you have said Trigger on Wake . and the sequence runtime must be LOOP at 1 second duration .

It just runs and runs in the background and you show it at the right time.

I use an even number of Frames because it is more divisible . 24 Frames per sec is Ideal . 12 is fine .


you will need to start the sequences at wake. all set to 1 second lenght.
then like @russellcresser wrote, you will need to make them appear depending on which second since wake actually is using mentioned formula in opacity field.
The number in condition behind the % sign means, how many different sequences will be in a chain, before they start to cycle in loop. The number behind = is which order in the chain has this particular one.
There will be opacity of first of 3 like
of the second of 3
of the third of 3

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I am still confused about when we use = or == . In most cases it seems to make no difference .

I would expect = should work, but in the documentation they mention both, while they use double in examples. So I use it always, just in case there was some odd watch where it could not work.

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Yes . Of course .