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Set the Weather Icon data source

I find it interesting that the Weather Icon complication can only handle today’s weather. It would be ridiculously trivial to allow us to define which day of the forecast we want to derive the icon value from and let it handle that without needing to create individual icons for future days and show/hide them with opacity. Like, as a software developer myself, one of the most obvious thing to me would have been to allow a variable there: aka, reusability. It’s like a fundamental programming tenet.

Welcome @seraphx2
Yeah . Not only that , let us have a Mist Icon and sort out the Duplicates . In the UK we have a Variety of Weather conditions not really reflected at all by the Icons .


@seraphx2 Facer are Hiring . Get in there and make those changes for us .

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if you look at the open weather setup, there is so much stuff Facer is just not surfacing.

haha, yes, I saw they are hiring. however, I am happy where I’m at. I doubt they could match my current job :joy:

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