Setting the frame of a sequence

I have scoured the community and cannot find a way to set the frame of a sequence.
I want a face where you wake the watch and it shows you a random frame of the sequence. I would like to avoid making many separate images if possible.

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If I understand correctly: you want 1 sequence and from that sequence you want to display 1 picture upon wake? Not sure the is possible.
Best to upload all the images separately and use the “wakeRand(min, max)” in the opacity fields to display 1 image upon wake. Such as for 3 images:

image1, opacity is: $wakeRand(1,3)=1?100:0$
image2, opacity is: $wakeRand(2,3)=1?100:0$
image3, opacity is: $wakeRand(3,3)=1?100:0$

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I came to that conclusion as well. Thanks anyways.