Setting Transparency Using cos(#DWE#)

I’m trying to set an image’s transparency to 0 based on cos(#DWE#). It works fine on the web interface, but it doesn’t translate over to either the phone or the watch. It stays at 100 transparency the whole time. Any suggestions on what might be going wrong?

My watch is a Fossil Q Founder, and I’m using Facer version 3.1.0_1383

@allsiknowis can you share a link to the watchface? Or copy/paste the actual formula you are using?

This is the formula I’m using: $(cos(#DWE#))>=.79 || (cos(#DWE#))<=-.79?100:0$

Thanks for taking a look at it.

@allsiknowis Unfortunately the application doesn’t currently support conditional grouping
( e.g. (condition1 || condition2) ) - it’s a bit of a fluke that the creator rendered it properly.

One thing you could try is taking the conditions out of the group (remove the outer parenthesis around the 2 conditionals). But I’m not sure if this gets the same effect you were trying. Hope this helps!