Setting up a 60 second stopwatch

I just subscribed to PRO and I’d like to incorporate a STOPWATCH with my new watch face.

A couple of questions:

  1. What expression or tag would I need to add to the second’s hand; so, it would act as a stopwatch?
  2. If I add the “Stopwatch” app; do, I need to add any additional tags?


Hi @trey.braid
I took a look to your wf and i noticed that you have inverted P & W battery :wink:

Hi @trey.braid
A long time ago someone helped me with the formula i think you are looking for. I don’t rimember who or i will have credited him, sorry for thhis.
So, you have added a Chrono start / stop. You have to add another chrono element and in the tab Action you have to choose reset.
Then in the rotation field of the second hand insert (#SWES#*6)
At this point you will have a second hand that you can Start/Stop and Reset at your will.
If you want some more chrono command you can use:
(#SWEM#/2) for an hour dial of 12 h

(#SWEM#*6) for a minutes dial of 60 minutes

(#SWEM#*12) for a minutes dial of 30 minutes
I hope this can help you