Shapes do not show up in watch


I’ve been making my first watch face. Progress has been good, but when I sync the face to the watch, Shapes do not show up. I’ve changed color, I’ve changed transparency to 100%, but it won’t show at all. Here is the watch. Notice where the battery icons are. I’ve stacked a circle and a rectangle shape to make the ‘watch battery’ icon, and just a long rectangle for the ‘phone battery’ icon.

I’m really hoping this issue will get fixed soon because I’m trying to publish my minimalistic watch. Thanks!


Were you able to fix your issue? We’ve tried reproducing it on our side and are seeing the shapes properly both on the mobile preview and on the watch. Could you share a picture of what you’re seeing?


Never mind, I reset the watch and now it works perfectly. Thanks for the support!

Awesome, thanks for confirming!