Share Button on App Not Working

For some reason the share button on the app stopped working for me.

I am using a Samsung S7
Facer app version 4.6.0_95365-(95365)


Which share button? We have a few :slight_smile: Can you also let me know what happens when you tap it? Thanks!

This one:

Nothing happens. Previously the app launcher would come up at the bottom of the screen to choose the app to share with. Normally I’m sharing via Instagram and I just want to get the default “share” message. So I’ll select the memo app and then copy the text.

Hi @eradicator09! Our test team tried to reproduce the issue but couldn’t. Is the share function working for you in other apps? Anything changed in your OS configuration recently?

Yes it works elsewhere (and other apps) . I did get the share screen to work when clicking on a promotional image. Just still not on the main view.