Sharing a Design Privately

As I am the creative one, I Would like to share a design I made for my wife to her watch, Can I do that privately or do I actually have to Publish it? I ask because I personalized it with her name and well to publish it would not really go well…

EDIT: Solved!

Yes @spraypaint you can share them privately without publishing. You can just send her the link via share button from your app or creator. Leave it in your drafts and only people you share the link get the face. I have a few exclusive faces out there that the general public can’t get to.


Thanx I tried hitting share but nothing popped up, However my puter has been being finicky as of late… I shall endeavor to try again.

The share button on the creator page you mean? Mine has been doing that too. Maybe it’s a bug. If you’re having issues with that you can do it from the app or copy the url from your browser address bar.

tried the app instead and the app worked :slight_smile:

Sweet glad I could help out. I’ll submit a bug report for the creator share button not working.

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