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Hi guys, I’m just wondering if it is possible to share a build without publishing yet for testing. My brother has a Samsung Gear S3 Frontier and, I want to share a watch face I’m building for him to test and color opinion. I send him the sharing link from the creator but, he can’t install it on the watch because it’s not published yet.

It’s possible to share a non-published watch to install on a watch other than yours, or only can he look it on a computer without installing on the watch?

If he is logged into facer,that should have worked. That’s how I tested 3 of mine.
Good luck

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Your brother would have to be signed into your Facer account to be able to sync your unpublished face. I have two accounts. This one which I use to design with and another account that I use on my watches. I have to sign into this account to be able to sync any unpublished watch faces I have. I can’t do it from my other account.

You could always publish it and make changes to it afterwards if he needs you to make any. Or you could copy it after publishing and then make changes to it and publish it as a version 2 or any other name you choose.

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So, I can have more than 1 device syncing on my account? Also, how do you work on 2 accounts? You build the same watch on both? Thank you very much for your help!

He has his own account but when he tried to test, the Facer app was saying that it can’t install it because it wasn’t published yet. I have the whole watch build but he can’t install even with his acc… I may be doing something wrong?? Thank you very much for your help!

I have two watches, a S3 Frontier and an Active 2 both by Samsung. I keep them on my alternative account that I use for my own personal wearing. Almost all my watch faces that I make are on the account I’m posting this comment with. The reason for two accounts is because when I was testing a watch face both my watches would update to the face being tested. By separating the accounts I can test with one and not change the one I’m wearing. If you give your brother your username and password to test the new face with, it will switch your watch also at the same time. I have a couple faces made but not published with my personal account and just three published faces. With this account I have over 500 published faces.

Like I said, I would just publish the one for your brother and name it “Testing” or some other name and in the description state that it will be changed and suggest that people not sync it yet. BTW, they won’t pay any attention and will sync it anyway, but that’s on them if you delete it or change it afterwards.

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Thank you for your respond @mrantisocialguy! :handshake::wink:

The reason that both of your watches sync at the same time is that you are using Tizen OS (Samsung) with both. I have the Huawei Watch 2 with Wear OS and, my brother has the Samsung S3 Frontier watch like yours. What I have to do it’s to switch on the Facer app between my watch and his. I know this because I have to do the same for a Galaxy S2 that my moms have and sometimes I want to test some of my watch faces on her S2. Switching back and forth in the Facer app is a pain because I need to push the Facer Companion app installation to the watch every time I want to switch between my watch and my mom’s, even though the watch itself has the Facer Companion app installed already. Then I have to wait for the Facer app on my phone to connect to the Facer Companion app on the watch to start the sync on the new watch to test the watch face. To do that, I need to be able to connect my phone to the watch itself every time I want to test on a different watch that is not Wear OS. I guess that what I have to do it’s to have a Samsung Watch myself and then I could do what you do, syncing both at the same time because the Facer app on the phone doesn’t have to switch to push between Wear OS and Tizen (Samsung) the watch face build.

I probably will get a Samsung Watch soon so I may be able to do the test on both watches (Wear OS and Tizen) my self without bothering my brother too much. :laughing::laughing:

I’ve tried that also. I had a TicWatch for a while and had it set up on another phone. I would push a face to it for testing and my Samsung S3 on my main account would switch at the same time. The watch faces switch because of the account not just the watch. Now what you are describing I have now. I use both my Samsung watches on the same phone and have to switch in the Samsung Wear app which watch I am using. My solution was to add the extra account just to be able to wear any watch face I wanted without it showing on my main account. If you go to this account today it is showing I’m wearing MAG 556, but in reality I’m wearing one of my unpublished faces from my extra account. I plan on getting an extra watch (very cheap) just to leave on this account and use an extra phone just to test with. I’m hoping to find a cheap Wear OS watch during our Black Friday sales this month. BUT we will see…

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I would have to do the same… I wish Facer implement a better method to share watch faces for testing with people that the developer chooses to share with like family, friends, etc… Thank you for the tip, @mrantisocialguy!

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