Show decimal number

Hi all.
How do I make sure I always see a decimal number when driving a distance? Although the number of km is eg 5 to show 5.0

Multiply for 10,100,1000 etc depending the decimals you want, make floor of that and then divide again for the same value. For example, 3 digits after comma in #SWES#


That would not work with 0 at the end… 3.450 would show as 3.45

Is there anything you can suggest to solve this?

I need fixed decimal places

The only thing I can come up with is make layers with zeros and only show them when a number has no decimals. Probably doable for 1, harder if you need like 3 decimals…

An example watch face with inspection open would help envision what you are looking for

On one of my watchface I dealt with something similar. this is a distance calculation equation that shows zero if it is in decimal.


Inspection enabled.


Yes yes yes, that’s works! Thank You much!


To two decimal places.

Inspection enabled.


How do you make it to three decimal places?

Fixed and added three decimal places.