Show Google Fit Steps on Face

Hi all, is there any way to show the synced number of steps from Google Fit on the watch face? I’m aware that Facer seems to count it’s own but it doesn’t update when Google Fit syncs with the watch. Any ideas?

I seem to recall that others have discussed this before - have you searched the old threads to see if there is an answer there?

Every result I can find is simply about the error where steps were not showing up at all.

Sorry, I thought it had …

I don’t use Google fit so I can’t think of anything you could try. Hopefully someone who does will chime in. I hope you find a solution.

I just read that the step counter pulls data from the watch only, not the phone. Sync GFit data to phone doesn’t rectify the issue either. So, it will continue to be off, until they figure out how to fix it.