Show Info layer only when watchface is launched the very first time?

How can I show an info layer ONLY the very first time when the watch face is launched? Afterwards it never shows again.

I am thinking of 2 ways:

  1. Show the info layer then have it time out automatically after 10 seconds and fade out.

  2. Show the info layer that includes a ‘Close’ button. When the ‘Close’ button is clicked the info layer simply hides/closes.

Any help greatly appreciated…

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For option #1, you can use #DWE# which is time elapsed since the last watch view (ie, coming out of AOD or coming out of screen timeout). You can set that layer’s opacity to $#DWE#>10?0:100$ to hide it after 10 seconds. But that means the layer in question will show each and every time coming out of AOD/timeout, which (depending on what the layer is) might be annoying to some users.

For option #2, you could have a button to increment #VAR_1# and you use its value to show the layer if #VAR_1# is 0 and hide it if its value is greater than 0. So, once #VAR_1# is incremented past 0, the layer will never show again – until the user syncs a different face and then syncs this same face again (all VARs will start at 0 again at sync time of a different face). The only drawback to this option is that your face is now a premium face.


Hello - thanks so much for the detailed reply - this is great. Yes, having the info layer pop up with every wake cycle might be a little taxing on the user. It’s a pity we cannot store the first #DWE# cycle somewhere and then use it.

I might have to go with the VAR toggle then…
Thanks again for your helpful reply.


No no, not VAR toggle-- VAR increment.

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Hello @kourosh - thanks for the feedback.

It actually, works with both if I don’t miss anything here. You just have to move the VAR toggle out of the visible area when clicked which you also would have to do when using the VAR increment to avoid any further tap action which would just vibrate but not do anything other but confuse the user.

Thanks again…


Yes you’re right, I forgot about the vibration thing, so VAR toggle and then moving it out of the way makes it a one-time use disposable button.

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Thanks @kourosh :+1:

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I have been Zeroing the diameter of the Var Toggle / INC-DEC. A hint from MAG . Don’t lose track of where they are positioned then . Remember you can use (( #VAR_1#)%N) to Virtually restrict how big it gets in a Formula .

Hi everybody. If you want to show whatever info to the customer (for whatever reason) when he/she browses on F, or when he/she chooses a face using the watch; you could reduce the DWE-time to 0.01 seconds.

I use it - like a thumbnail - to attract the bees to my “flowers” (actually faces). You hide your face a 0.01 sec and inform them at the critical moment when they browse; unless you like to show-off immediately… During the use of that face (or coming out of DAO), this info will not be showed again,repeated. Nor does the customer has to click, or undergo a vibration (and you don’t need prime… like me).

You could further graphically design some intro PR image (enrich your face with beauty/data) or just inform//attract the bees, at the critical moment. One could also give version data, discount data for those who sell, whatever. On the downside, some (perhaps many) bees want the honey immediately and not the info… they are some very hungry out there.

Just a thought. I used it some of my faces.

Hello @pbervoets - this sounds all very interesting though a little cryptic. Do you have any quick sample of the setup/use?

Hello again. Yes, if you enter A N I M A T E D on your browser (0r type it on my Facer page, or use the first link below), you see some examples of how I use it.
If you want info (PR info or image) upfront, create a text/image-element, plus in field opacity : $#DWE#<0.01?100:0$ and place it first or high, on the creator page. I used it to make my clients “curious” and also because the title field length is sometimes to short (and put another info in the title field). But you could use of course otherwise, that’s up to everybody. It is a possibility that I’m offering…

Here - on the browse page - you see what I described :

Here on the link of the first face (No hands daddy); you don’t see it, UNLESS you open, inspect it. I opened it for inspection. Hope that clarifies, if not let me know.
Greetings Patrick.

Here is a browse photo.

Hello Patrick - thanks for posting a sample - this is very helpful. I like your use of fades and smart animation!

I tried to set up a sample but it somehow does not seem to work



Could be that it is a draft and it only works once the face is live or because facer is so slow right now… or do I miss anything?

Thanks again!

Good morning. Well, is this a draft version? Couldn’t inspect it, expected it at the edit function.

I made also the same test, as you did.

Made a text element plus opacity as you defined it (0.01), in status draft.
Conclusions are as I expected :

  • I see the text in creator in draft
  • in the creator it’s gone (=0.01s) when you push on run
  • when I open the draft version in F on the watch page, I don’t see the text, nor when I run it there
  • when I synch it on my watch, I don’t see it
  • when I change the face on my watch, I see it (also when I choose it again)
  • when it’s active on my watch, I don’t see it (= synching)

So, when you publish it, I’m sure you will see it (in addition with what I claimed above) in the live version (on the browse page (new)).

Why don’t you publish it for a short time, observe and then delete it. Then you have tried the whole process (draft - live, synch, change, recharge on watch, open F app, browse).

Thank you for your patience and compliments and what a voyage we make as face makers on F.

Let me assist you further if you need some help.

Take care.

Small correction, when in fase live, you see it - in the blink of an eye - on the face page after browsing. Perhaps if you adapt to 0.0001s, I’ll test that. The main objective (at least for me) is to show the info/per image, at the desired moment (=browsing) and not when active on watch.

Addition : you could also condition your message with the tag #ZWC# (number of watch face activations since synched) in the opacity element.

Something like $#ZWC#=0?100:0$; meaning you only show it after synching. Then you could combine that expression also with #DWE#.
$#ZWC#=0&&#DWE#<your value?100:0$, something like that.

Then your message will be displayed only one after synching and for the limited time (secs) of the first activation.
One disadvantage here : not for apple w.

Enjoy all the possibilities of F!

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Good morning, Patrick - thanks so much for taking the time to explain all so well and in detail - that is great!

And I see you know your tags which is always important since there might be a gold nugget in terms of novel usage in there. Combining #ZWC# and #DWE# could offer some intriguing options. Let me play a little with these as you suggested and will let you know how things progressed.

Thanks again,

Hello Patrick - I tested all things including the #ZWC# tag and it works like a charm! Thanks so much for the pointers.

Hi Andreas. So glad to hear that. Can you inform me somehow when your newest creation with this trick, goes public. I always want to learn/see more, thanks! Greetings Patrick
Ps : replied also on your post for the countdown.

Hi Patrick - thanks again for all your help on this and the countdown - so much appreciated. Will let you know once I use it in the real world :wink: Thanks again, Andreas