Showing Tomorrow's Date?

OK, I want to show tomorrow’s date on a watch face.

I find if I simply add 1 to day tag, #DdL#", it works, but not on the last day of the month. For example, if today’s date is 6/10, and I add “1” to #DdL#, it will show 6/11, which is great. HOWEVER, if it is 6/30 (last day of june) and I add “1” to #DdL#, it will display as 6/31, which is not even a date. How can I get tomorrow’s date to show accurate, even on last day of month. Meaning, on 6/30, how can I get tmro’s date 7/1 to show?


This thread may help:

Specifically put this in a text field:

This says add one to the current day… if that number is greater than the days in the current month then display 1 (this will handle 29, 30, 31, etc)

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Thanks…I like it, but one fix or tweak…

This will indeed make day go to 1, but the month doesn’t change. So, the bit of code here, by adding one to the day, will make 6/30 go to 6/1, not 7/1. It affects only the day, not the month. If it is the turn of the month, the month value should go up 1 as well. Any suggestion on how to make the date move forward a day, not just the “day” number itself?

It’s not pretty, but here’s a quick and dirty formula:

If the day after today is greater than the number of days in the current month then display Next Month and the number 1… otherwise display This Month and the day after today.

Resulting in:
6~12 for today (6/11/19)
7~1 for (6/30/19)

The only problem with this is “-” and “/” are reserved for operations, so it won’t look like “7/1” or “7-1”… I went with a “~” which may look like a “-” … but you could probably do spaces and add a picture of a “/” if you want.

I think you’ll run into embedded logic errors if you wanted to try and match the numeric date to a text field… IE: If #DM = 6 then “June” else If 7 then “July” else … etc. Hopefully someone can chime in here if there’s an easy fix.

Hope this helps!