Shuffle randomly stopping - Ticwatch Pro


I have shuffle activated on my watch. It will start to shuffle every 15 minutes, and after an hour or so it will just remain on a single watch face indefinitely.

When I go to the Facer app, it still shows “Shuffle Activated” but the watch is not shuffling. If I turn off shuffle, and turn it back on, it will begin to work again for about the same timeframe.

During this time, my watch never leaves WiFi access, and bluetooth is not disconnected.
Both my phone and watch are running their most recent version of the app according to Google Play.

Phone build 5.0.1_100345-(100345)
Watch build 5.0.1_100346

I actually did a factory reset on my watch this morning to see if that helped. Unfortunately it did not make a difference.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Has anyone else had this issue? Hoping to get some help figuring this out

Hi @coreychapman88! FYI, we are looking into this and trying to reproduce the issue. We’ll keep you posted when we have more information.

Hey there! I was wondering if any progress was made on this issue. Unfortunately the app is still logging me out of the Facer app after a while, and the shuffling doesn’t seems to continue after 1 or 2 shuffles. When I go back into the app, I have to sign in and the shuffle is still activated, but not shuffling on the watch.

I have tried disconnecting/reconnecting watch, clearing app cache, full reinstall of app, all to no avail :frowning:

App version is: 5.1.5_100765

I’m using a Pixel XL