Shuffle turns itself off

Motorola Turbo 2 with Android 7.0. LG Urbane watch. I am shuffling every 15 minutes. It works fine for an hour or 2 but then turns itself off. I have to go back in and re-click Favorites then Watchface Shuffle. I have tried removing the current face from the queue in case it had something to do with that specific face but this does not work.

Same issue.
Droid Turbo 2, Samsung Gear S 2 Classic.
Face cycles through Favorites one time.

Thanks for the report! We’re going to look into it and update this thread when we have more info to share.

Thank you! Let us know if you need anything for testing!

Hi, any update on this?

Hi there! We’ve identified a bug where the same watch face might get shuffled multiple times in a row, making it look as if shuffle mode was deactivated. A fix for this will be rolled out early next week - hopefully this will solve this problem for you!

Thank you! I do want to mention that when it turns off the highlighted bar in the app goes dark. I need to re-click to reactivate.

Hi, I did get an update yesterday but it did not fix this bug.

Having this same problem myself. Any sign of a fix :wink:

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Any progress on fixing this?

Hi! which version are you using? We just released a beta yesterday that should improve/fix it. Can you test?

Yes! I just signed up for the beta and received the download.

Awesome! Can you confirm it is fixed? Our test team says it is, but always best to get validation from a real user!

Yes! It’s been shuffling for over 14 hours now. Thank you!