Similar watchface

Hi guys,

on my old Zenwatch, I’ve got this watchface, clean and with seconds, minutes and hours running.

Anyone can help me for creating something similar?
Thanks in advance!

Welcome to the Community Towerman :wave:
You can create this easily enough in Creator, you’ll just need to create your backgound images first, or find them to download ok. Good luck…

Hi @icrltd4, is it possible to create curved text with the Creator?

sadly it is not possible to do curved text natively in Facer

So I can just create an image and insert it? :sleepy:

sure you can always do that. Say if you wanted the day of the week with curved text, you could make your 7 individual graphics and in creator have 7 layers with code it in the opacity field of each so they are displayed only on the appropriate day.

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@kvansant I wanted to insert the text BATTERY curved, I will try to insert it as an image.
I’ve tried to add TICK MARKS but they are not 100% circle as a progress circle bar…

If it’s just one word that you need curved, you can always just add 1 letter at a time manually, say over top of a temporary circle guide.

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That’s what I do :grin: