Simple expressions questions

I have a few questions about what seem like might be simple but have been giving me trouble…

I’m trying to figure out how to just simple get something to blink each second from transparency 0 to 100. I know it’s a simple expression, but I’m much more of a designer than someone who knows code.

What is the easiest and most common “blink” expression people use?

Also I understand that you can now change a photo each time you look at your watch face but is there a video or something to show us how to do that?

I have some great ideas and have already published several watch faces many of which are getting to 100 syncs I just really wish i knew more about this so i can make better ones or improve on past watch faces to do what i originally wanted them to. Any help is appreciated even if it’s explaining basic expressions

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@danielcarino I posted on [Tutorial] How To Code Animation with how to do a blink expression (use squareWave on transparency).

For seeing a new photo every time you use your watch, you can use the new wakeRand function:
If you had 3 images added to your watchface that you wanted to cycle through on wake, you could do it like this:

Image 1 transparency:


Image 2 transparency:


Image 3 transparency:


Whenever the watch wakes up, it’ll set wakeRand, and one of the images will be shown!

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thank you these help me understand the wake function for some reason i was just doing it all wrong

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