Simple Gyro Rotation Help

I need some help with a simple gyro rotation of an image. I’ve read through the boards and still can’t seem to get the function to work (or move at all for that matter). I’ve tried reading through Mellin’s explanation of gravity rotation([Tutorial] Gravity Rotation), but maybe I missing something. I even tried adding a hidden text field as he suggested in another post.

Here is the basic premise of what I want to do. I have a simple static image that I want to rotate when tilted. Either direction is fine. The idea is to give a shiny effect to a background by rotating when someone moves their watch.

My attempt was simply to put (gyroraw()) in the rotation field. I’m not sure what the extents of the the x axis raw data is based on the description in the documentation. But even assuming its a value between -360 and 360, then shouldn’t it output a value that would cause the image to rotate? Either I’m trying to over simplify this expression or maybe I’m not complicating it enough. I could use some help.

Here is the watch face I’m working on:

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No, the value is not between -360 and 360.
For some reason, gyro tags (or functions) give back acceleration of your watches rotation (how fast is it rotating) and acceleration tags give back how much does your watch leans out from center position (both with 2 variations raw - straight from sensors and normal - that starts with 0 as position where your watch was, when you opened it).

Both gyro and acceleration don’t give you rotation, you need to calculate it manually (you linked to the article where I explained how).

If you want to test my method on a finished watch: Mellin - Attitude Indicator - watch face for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch, and more - Facer