Simple WCCI concept, no idea why it doesnt work

So all I really want to figure out is how to have a layer visible if the WCCI value is true.
I put the #WCCI# tag in a regular text layer and sent that to my watch so I could see the current value, It was 10. So then I added another layer with just a simple shape and put this in the transparency.
It seemed like a simple concept but it didn’t work. I’m extremely new to this as far as the programing aspect of watch face design so I don’t even really know where to begin trying to figure out why it doesn’t work.
Thank you in advance.

First of all #WCCI# tag is not a binary one, so it cannot be “true”.

Second of all fully visible object have a transparency of 100, so the code would look something like this:
If it doesn’t work try with only one “=”.

Ok, so that did work. Thank you for the help, I appreciate it. I wrote the code that way because in the documentation for Conditionals they had wrote,
“Next, we’ll fill in the EXPRESSION IF TRUE part of the conditional. When #Da# == “AM” is true, we want our layer to appear, so we’ll want the opacity to be 1:”
I guess the reason why I couldn’t see it was because it was at 1% opacity.
Thank you again.