Simply Red - minimalistic clean design

Hello everyone!

I want to share with you a watch face that starts my watch faces line of simple and minimalistic look.

It is OLED friendly, clean design.


  • time in 12/24 format
  • date
  • steps
  • battery level

Simply Red

Following that one I made color variants:

Simply Sky Blue:

Simply Mint Green

Simply Yellow

Simply Orange

and last but not least

Simply Tactic Cammo


I’ve created also collection with cover photo - photo is also my own, taken in Italy may 2019.:wink:


Great Job and love the collection banner!

~Enjoy, Sirhc

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Thank you!!
Working here, with Facer, gives me a lot of fun :wink:

New watch face color, new cover photo, now with depth perspective… really gives me lots of fun!

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Good use of colors. I like the layout.