Sine and cosine function

Hi Gods of watches,

while trying to conjure my “not so complicated watch” i was faced with wrong hand positions.
i tried to debug and understood that your Sine and Cosine functions aren’t returning correct results,

for example (sin(196.8)) should be equal to -0.289031796944 but on Facer creator the result is 0.9002472927414118,
cosine is also wrong (cos(196.8)) should result -0.957319497532 but it returns -0.43537892910860865,

Can you please advise if im doing something wrong?

Vasco Silva

On Facer, the sine and cosine functions take an angle argument in radians not degrees.

Refer: Expressions | Facer Documentation

You will need to convert from degrees to radians first.

Facer has a function for this: rad ( angle in degrees ) => angle in radians

So in your example you would use: (sin(rad(196.8))

I hope that helps.



Thank you Mke!
deg to rads, i should have noticed it, its solved.


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