Skewed Coordinates?

I’m not sure if I’m describing the right terminology here, but here goes…

The ability to change one side of an image/text/etc.

So, instead of a text that starts at 24 and “grows” to 48, the left half stays at 24, and the right scales in size to 48.

Think of it as X1, X2, Y1, Y2 as coordinates of a square. X1=2 X2=4 Y1=2 Y2=4

It’d be an optional set, toggled off by default. Meaning if you set x and y to 2, x1 and y1 would be greyed out and automatically match x and y. But if toggled on, you can change those values.

You can achieve a lot of cool effects by playing with perspective, both text and graphics and I think it’d open a whole new world of designs especially when combined with more advanced techniques like interpAccel.