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Skully and low-battery blinking


My friend Skully gets angry when his battery is very low (BLN<11.11)
His anger expresses in a blinking yellow eye.
In creator it works but on my watch it didn’t.
I charged my watch so I cannot check it again :slight_smile:

If someone should have a very low battery, could you also check it?


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I cannot say if it works. I cannot test if it it not published… Sorry.
But what I have used as a formula for flashing objects that works on my ticwatch is:


you can change the numbers as you wish for the speed and brightness.


I understand everything except *18+75.
I would be inclined to *(18+75) but that gives you a different number .
Also hat code has been formatted. I can not show how to protect it on my Phone. Catch you later on my Laptop.

Put your Code / Formulas inside </> selection above . That protects it from various formatting errors notably spaces


Ah, with the </> I did not put everything on one line, if you have newline in there it has this funny effect of slanting the text…

Anyway, in my formula the opacity will vary around 75 ± 18x the Sinus value

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I would just put one number there for clarity. In the early days I was very confused by the Precedence of the operands .

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Yes, indeed! As an engineer, and I don’t want to brag, but I am pretty good at math, I assume that multiplication comes before addition. But better to avoid such things if possible and check …

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Me I struggle to remember any thing that is exchangable. So which comes first * or ÷. So if in doubt get yhe ( ) out.

Hi Tom


The formula works fine on my ticwatch :+1:
I just changed the value to BLN<100. Better than waiting till real low battery (stupid me)

I understand that X18+75 changes opacity.
How to change speed of flashing?

As a non-mathematician/computer scientist (social worker, what am I doing here??), I have to try to dissect because I like to know what’s going on:
#DWFSS# (smooth rotation seconds) = continious values from 0 to 359,…
The sinusoïde cycles from -1 to 1
This outcome x18+75 gives opacity values from 57 to 93. Correct?
In what timeframe you go from 57 to 93?
Which values to use to vary from 0 to 100?


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If you want it to blink faster you need to make the time go faster, so in the brackets where the time is, replace it with something like:


The other two values are only for opacity. If you want a fast blink with on/off, then this is your formula:


If you want slower, none nervous smooth blinking, then use something like:


You have to try it out what you want till it works for you. Obviously, max opacity is 100, so the 20 and the 80 in the above example should kind of give you max 100, because as you say correctly, the sinus cycles between -1 and 1.

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Thanks Tom, I’ll give it a shot!

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Battery < 11.11% → fast blinking works :+1:


Battery between 11.11-22.22% → slow blinking, don’t work:


I tried with brackets, tried putting #BLN#<22.22 first,… :thinking:

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You formula seems to work in the Facer Creator, although most values are above 100.
But maybe your watch does not like the formula.

try this, it is a bit simpler:

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While we are on the subject of numbers over 100 in Opacity . I notice it makes the shadow darker on things with the Shadow Option . Saves doubling up the layer . It does not Effect the Image . Spooky . Perhaps its a Halloween Gift .

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Thanks, keep you posted.

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It works :+1: