Sleep Tracking not working since installing facer - Issue Resolved

I have been using the facer application for about 2 weeks now and really enjoy the app and everything it has to offer. However; I noticed that my sleep tracker is no longer working for the past two weeks. I have not changed any settings over the past two weeks and the only thing I could recall changing was the installation and usage of facer. Prior to going to bed last night, I changed my watch face to a non-Facer one and noticed this morning the sleep tracker is working. I was wondering if anyone else has this issue or knows why Facer is affecting the recording of my sleep tracking. My watch is a Samsung Galaxy S3 Frontier with the latest updates. Thanks,

I’m running a Gear S3 Frontier and an Active 2 with my Galaxy 10e phone and sleep tracking is working just like normal. I use Facer watch faces all the time and have not had any issues like you’re describing. By chance would you be running your S3 connected to an iPhone? You might also ask @Facer_Official for help also. You can contact Facer Help Request at: Submit a request – How can we help? or email them at:

Thanks for the reply. I’m using a pixel 2xl running Android 11. I’m going to try reinstalling facer and see if I still have the issue as it doesn’t seem to be a wide spread issue.

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I wanted to provide an update. I uninstalled facer from my watch (Galaxy S3 Frontier) and re-installed the software from the Samsung Wear app on my phone (I did NOT uninstall the Facer app from my phone). After re-installing the app on my watch, I was able to select a prior watch face I used on facer and last night the sleep tracking worked. I am unsure what caused this issue as the version of software did not change and I did not receive any errors when installing the first time. Regardless, the sleep tracking is working and if anyone has any related quirkiness, I would suggest re-installing the app on their watch

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