Slow Creator - How to speed it up?

Hi, I have used for a while, and the creator extremely slow.
5 sec to move object with arrows.
The designer timeline 10 sec = real 1 sec. If I use 10x trigger, than 10 sec = cca 2 mins.
So, there is no smooth movement for preview the design without save and watch on browser.

Does anyone have any idea how to speed up my computer?


try different browsers. it also depends on how many functions you have. don’t use the client

I have tried in the installed program on windows so far.
You gave me an idea try it on browser,… Works.

Only one thing:
Is this possible to increase the size of the side located properties area.
Cannot see the longer quotation in full.

1000x thx

This is on a lot of wish lists! I think it’s on their roadmap, but one never knows when. Sometimes it can help to have Notepad open for working on the longer expressions before pasting them into the creator.

There is a way to hack it, you can adjust the width in the css in the webpage. You have to find the element and change the 260px to something you like (F12 brings out the inspector):

You can also paste this line in the inspector “console” tab and have it adjusted automatically (i added 100px as an example):
$('.palette.palette-right').css('width', '360px')

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