Small chrono dial of 10h

Hi to all
I would need some help. In chrono faces usually i have a small hours dial of 12 h and to have the small hand properly working i use the expression
Now i would try a small dial of 10 h instead of 12
Someone can suggest to me the right formula? I tried
(#SWEM#/2,4) but of course does not work
Any help would be much appreciated

you make it harder by using the minutes… but dividing by 1⅔ should work
(#SWEM#/(1+(2/3))) or (#SWEM#/(5/3)) or (#SWEM#/5*3)

Hi @ThaMattie
Thanks for your help. I appreciate very much. Today i will do a test using your formulas, then i will let you know about.
Thanks again, cheers

hI @ThaMattie
As I told i tested your formulas, and i can say that all of them work at their best. Not that I had any doubts,
So thanks again for your precious help
Have a nice day

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