Smartwatch 3 - massive battery drain & font rendering issues

First thing, the battery drain. About a week ago, my watch’s battery life was suddenly halved, so instead of getting 3 full days out of it, I was struggling to make it home on the second day. Not really an issue, but I unplugged it at 3 AM this morning, and at 10 PM it still had half of its battery left. It just died, with it reporting that Facer has eaten the most battery. 15%. More than twice the Watch Idle stat that’s in second.

And secondly, the font rendering. The new rendering engine hasn’t given a noticeable performance improvement (my transparency-heavy animation still stutters along at 5-10 FPS), but what it has done is it disabled the antialiasing on the text, so small text is now much less readable because half of it doesn’t even show up.

I’m switching back to one of the basic watchfaces for the time being. It seems that the switch to the new rendering engine has some major bugs whilst not actually improving anything.