Smooth action avoiding minute repeat

Hey All,

Is there an alternative to #DWFSS# (smooth seconds ‘sweep’) as a ‘value’ I can use for a smooth linear animation?

The trouble with #DWFSS# is the obvious return to a ‘o’ value each minute, resulting in the animated elements abruptly returning to their start positions as each time a minute elapses.

Any ideas?

Thanks for you help in advance.



Sorry, for reference… It’s the banks for stars found behind the metal lattice.

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Normally you would use #DWE# which is time elapsed. I have noticed though that it seems to make objects move slower than #DWFSS# does and you have to increase the speed.


or by some other *number to get the speed you’re looking for.

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Perfect! Thanks Mr.A, I’ll give it #DWE# go. There are a number of layers moving at different rates/directions to create a shimmering effect, so this might do the trick. Cheers.

As a matter of fact, I just uploaded a face using that to control the spinning of a color wheel.

The face is open for inspection, but the expression I used to rotate it is:


That is the “proper” way to write the expression. Just change the *12 to what you need or replace it with /2 or another number to slow it down even more.

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Nice, it was the ‘.gif starts again’ effect at 60 seconds I wanted to remove… I think your suggestion will remedy the issue… just need to recalculate starting positions. Cheers.

Nice work BTW - maybe slow down the rotation value (0.25), set to 50% opacity and repeat the layer (at (50% oppacity) with the opposite rotation value to make it kaleidoscopic… Just a thought.