Smooth second hand formula

Just out of curiosity: Is there a formula for the smooth second hand movement?

I know we have the built-in one but how would you make it yourself?

#DWFSS# is the smooth movement.

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I know:P

But if it wasn’t there, what would the formula look like?

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you could try


The first one works but it is way laggier than the built in one.

Did you try the second formula? It certainly speeds up your second hand. :smiley:

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Ha Ha No sorry they were from the top of my head . Did you look at #DNOW# as it is . The Guys who kick started Facer used that for everything like the Moon Phases and stuff.

So sorry @juni00 . Shows you how well I remember this stuff . It is a favourite Timer of mine because it will not cross Zero for about 15 Years .We will get a jump then . This works but you probably got there yourself .


This one works just fine but it gives no benefits over the built-in #DWFSS#.

It is a bit weird. Has anyone figured out why the smooth second hand movement isn’t really smooth but mostly just a hacking movement? In some watch faces it works great but others it just hacks. It seems like it is somehow connected to to adding a date display - but other times not.

A hacking movement is sort of realistic for analog watches but still, I’d like a consistent smooth movement.

Maybe it just is my watch but I do have the flagship Samsung 5 Pro.

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I wear a Face that I made that has a lot of Stuff on it. Quite near the limit of what works properly. I have tried a smooth second hand on it but that Hacks as you say, so I go back to the Dead Beat. I actualy like the stepped one. Half and quarter ticks can look nice. There are some nice Tension Ones about that sort of cover the Hacking. I think it depends what else is going on in the watch. The use of Motion Detectection is causing problems for me at the moment.