Smooth Seconds Not Working on Huawei Watch

On faces I have made the smooth seconds complication isn’t working right on my Huawei. The faces test okay and are working for Gear S3 from feedback I have received, but on my Huawei the seconds hands will only tick like once every 1.5 to 3 seconds and are just off when using #DWFSS# tag. I could have sworn they were working the other day but now they aren’t.

I have the same issue. I’ve tested the smooth second animation with WatchMaker on a Huawei Watch, it seems to be OK there.

I’ve found that it’s not just smooth seconds. The update rate on any element is shocking on the Huawei watch

Has this issued been fixed yet? None of the smooth second hands nor any other animation are smooth. Jittery at best

Hey all! can you share some of the faces that have performance issues on the Huawei here? We’ll look into it!

BCW Premium - BOXMAN Late Edition - watch face for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch, and more - Facer for example

Thanks! We’ll do a bit of profiling and get back to you!

Take your pick of any face you have in app. None function on the Huawei watch regardless of what tag is used.

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Any face with a sweeping second hand or any other type of “smooth” movement work great in the preview on my phone. It only ticks on my Huawei watch

Anything new on this one? Doesn’t seem to matter if “Animation” is checked or not.

Even after Wear 2.0 and the big Facer update nothing changed. Anything new?

nope same deal :confused:


Hi all,

We’re looking into performance updates this week - can you share what exact model of the Huawei Watch you are seeing this on?

I’m on the 3695 model here


Hi @Facer_Official, I have the Huawei Watch 2176.

The Smooth Seconds tag #DWFSS# isn’t working in Dim mode
for my Iridescent and Lion of Nemeia watch faces.

LOL, This still hasn’t been fixed?

Yeah… dimmed second hand still broken on my analog watch faces.

I mean on wake and on watch. Never mind dim lol. None of the seconds conditionals worked on the Huawei watch.

Works on wake and on watch on my Huawei…

Original Huawei or the 2nd gen?