Smooth ticker to repeat exactly 2 times

I like to include a ticker that runs exactly 2 times in the given location (if possible this should not be time based) but based on 2 completed runs.

I have an infinite repeating ticker here - which also is a little jerky - anything that improves animating smoothness would also be great.

Thanks in advance!

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@Berggeist did someone similar here -

It was a test so I don’t if it still available or if it can be inspected.


Thanks so much for the reference @BIELITZ:

I am hoping to get a ticker that only repeats twice versus repeating infinite times :wink:

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No problem i just thought there might be something in there you could use :wink:
My naive solution would be to place a shape over it at the appropriate time and remove it when necessary! But I’m new at this magic stuff :smiley:

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To do what you want we need to know the length of the string of text against time . It might not be obvious but we covered this sort of thing in a previous Topic . I personally think the best thing you can do is have one nice long Text line with the Message repeated and run it past the display once . Presumably you want to use the Wake Timer .

Thanks @russellcresser, @BIELITZ: Yes, that is the crux. I think the final text will be something like the steps and the heart rate - which of course can vary in length.

One option would also just to time the 2 runs approx. and then hide it via #DWE#/opacity. My hope was there is a magic code or something with modulus,… :wink:


@timeasart This works .
A bit crude .

(-( makes it go right to left
+2 is the offset before anything happens .
*180 is the speed factor .
-1500 is the start position of the Text bar ( pixels ) off screen . That includes 160 for the centre point .
Oh well you could Left Justify it . That would make the number smaller .
The Text length in Pixels will have to be established by trial and error .


Thanks so much, Russel - how can we make this one into an infinite repeat?

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So my friend .When we started you did not want it repeating . These formulas are not like a cake mix . However I am sure you are able to drop a % in there some where .

You will have to make 2 or 3 text bars and choreograph them carefully to get them to run without a gap .
I am off to bed now so perhaps tomorrow .

Hi Russel - sorry for the confusion. I wanted it to repeat - but only twice. I have plugged in something in the initial WIP above which seems to work…

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Well done .:+1::slightly_smiling_face:

BTW This will repeat itself every 12 seconds .
Plenty of ways to do the same Job.
If they work they are all good.


Hi Russel - thanks so much for adding another solution to the mix - always a great resource to keep studying.

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